Water tankers deployed to Bfn communities


Water tankers have been deployed to the areas in Mangaung that have been affected by the limited water supply from the Welbedacht Dam. Bulk water supplier, Bloemwater, said these tankers will be available until the situation improves.

According to the assistant liaison manager of Bloemwater, Kido Thoabala, the limited supply of water into the Welbedacht Dam is due to the higher than normal inflows because of the recent rainfall in the Caledon River catchment area. These inflows have caused inlet screen blockages as well as extensive damage to pumping equipment at the Welbedacht Dam.

These problems are the result of a high debris and sediment load, which further reduced the inflow into the water treatment works. Repairs are undertaken to return the situation to normality.

The affected main reservoir level is Brandkop, which is supplied from the Welbedacht treatment plant. Bloemwater said that they are working around the clock to handle the challenges at the plant. They are assuring water users in the Mangaung Metro Municipality area that water quality will not be compromised.

Sazly Hartzenberg