UFS to take racist advert to SA Human Rights Commission


SABRINA DEAN – The University of the Free State has distanced itself from an advertisement offering hostel accommodation to “non-affirmative action” female students and has indicated it will ask the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to investigate.
The advert promises “safe student accommodation for non-affirmative action Kovsie lady students, walking distance from UFS campus”.
Spokesperson Lacea Loader says the advert was placed by a private individual and has nothing to do with the UFS. She says it goes against everything the University stands for. “The University management is shocked and angry about this blatantly racist action by the provider of this private accommodation located off campus.
“We have worked hard to foster and grow a culture of non-racism at all three of our campuses and this type of behavior by a resident in Bloemfontein is entirely contrary to our value system,” she says.
Bloemfontein Courant has tried calling the contact name and number listed on the advert but has as yet been unable to get a response.
Loader meanwhile says the University intends handing the matter over to the SAHRC for further investigation. “We have already taken statements from black and white students who contacted the service provider about accommodation and will hand over a comprehensive report with evidence to the Human Rights Commission,” she says.
She says the University feels reassured by the fact that students from all races have stood together to express their dissatisfaction with the service provider.