Suspect caught in possession of stolen vehicle


A 34-year-old suspect was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle in Vanstadensrus after a resident of Vista Park in Bloemfontein was hijacked in Bloemspruit on Saturday evening at around 22:00.

Members of the South African Police Service’s Tactical Response Team, who were executing a Way-lay Operation in the Vanstadensrus area on Saturday, spotted a vehicle approaching at a high speed. The members gave chase and the suspects dumped the vehicle in the middle of the road and started running.

The team searched the veld and managed to arrest a 34-year-old suspect. A case of possession of stolen motor vehicle was opened at the Vanstadensrus Police Station. It was later confirmed that the vehicle was hijacked in Bloemspruit Phase 5.

According to a police statement, a case of car hijacking had earlier been opened at the Bloemspruit Police Station. This after a 28-year-old complainant from Vista Park in Bloemfontein alleged that he went to Bloemspruit Phase 5 with a male friend to fetch another friend in his white Ford Ranger Double Cab.

“When they stopped at the address, they were accosted by unknown males carrying firearms. The suspects ordered them to move to the back seat and drove to a secluded part of Phase 7. They all alighted from the vehicle and the victims were ordered to lay on the ground by the suspects. They were then searched and robbed of their cellphones.

“Two of the four suspects held the victims hostage whilst two others drove off with the complainant’s Ford Ranger. After a calculated period of time the victims were allowed to go. They sought help in the neighbourhood and later reported the crime at the Bloemspruit Police Station,” said the police.

The arrested suspect was scheduled to appear in the Bloemfontein Magistrate Court today. The three other suspects are still on the loose.

Compiled by Justine Fortuin