Roast Chicken with Cranberry Quinoa


20 minutes

6 Servings

12 Ingredients


This protein-packed Free-range Roast Chicken with Grilled Peach and Cranberry Quinoa recipe is the ultimate summer meal for those looking to live well.

The highlight of this dish is the golden-roasted Simple Truth Free-range Chicken, served on a bed of fresh quinoa salad with cranberries, basil pesto, parsley, mint and fresh lime juice.

Add to this a garnishing of sweet grilled peaches, and you have a beautiful summer dish that brings loads of flavour and goodness to the table.


1 Simple Truth Free Range Chicken

Olive oil

2 tbsp. (30ml) Simple Truth Chicken Spice Rub

Salt and black pepper, to season

1 ½ cups (375ml) Simple Truth Quinoa; cooked according to packet instructions

½ cup (125ml) Padkos Cranberries

½ cup (125ml) basil pesto

1 cup (250ml) flat-leaf parsley; chopped

¼ cup (60ml) mint; chopped

4 peaches; halved and lightly charred on a grill pan

Juice of a lime


Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Drizzle the chicken with a little olive oil and season well with the Simple Truth Chicken Spice Rub, salt and pepper.

Place the chicken in a roasting tray and roast in the oven for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, or until the chicken is golden brown and cooked through. (As a top tip, this can be done in the air fryer too, if you’re pressed for time.)

Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 10 minutes.

For the quinoa salad, mix the cooled quinoa, cranberries, basil pesto, parsley and mint together and season with salt, pepper and fresh lime juice.

Spoon the quinoa salad onto a platter and top with the roast chicken.

Garnish with the grilled peaches and serve.

Can be served hot or cold.