Manhunt launched after Riebeeckstad horse training equipment theft


Police have launched a manhunt after horse training equipment was stolen at a training course in Riebeeckstad, Welkom. So far none of the equipment has been recovered and police are still looking for suspects.

The incidents occurred on two different occasions. The first one happened on 5 December 2018, where steel jump up rights 1.6 white with three feet to support the metal upright pole[50], jump cups metal white and red oxide door [100] and wire fence[1] to the total amount of R76 000-00 were stolen.

The second incident took place on 16 January 2019, where even more equipment was stolen. Metal jump uprights [10], metal fence posts [60], metal pole poles [22] and metal pole poles [2] to the total value of R50 200-00 were also stolen.

Cases were registered for investigation, and police need assistance from residents.

Any person who might know the whereabouts of the suspects or the equipment is requested to contact the nearest police station or Detective Constable Anica Lebona of Welkom Detective Services at telephone number 057-391-6302 during office hours or cell phone number 063-162-1613.