Siemens murder analyst accused of being biased


On Friday the state witness in the murder case of a Bloemfontein businessman, Louis Siemens, was constantly challenged by the legal team on details contained in her affidavit about three suspects linked to the murder.
Karin Jacobs from the Free State South African Police Services (SAPS) analyst centre, was constantly heard saying: “I take note or I cannot comment.”
This led to legal representatives of the accused, Stanely Bakili, Mogoera Molebatsi and Kagiso Chabane respectively, putting it to Jacobs that she was biased and had an emotional interest in the case.
Bakili’s attorney, Advocate Izak Nel, accused Jacobs of trying to create the impression that Bakili was a bad person who had a score to settle with the deceased after their alleged business relationship had gone sour. Molebatsi’s attorney, Advocate L. Mokhele, told Jacobs that she and the state had failed to prove that Molebatsi was seen or had even attended a complaint at a local resident’s house in Lilivale simultaneously with the use of the state vehicle at the Siemens murder scene. Mokhele told Jacobs that the SAPS’s tracking device system that was used to trace the movement of the state vehicle that the Bayswater detective was using, was not reliable and therefore the state could not use it as evidence that Molebatsi had any knowledge about the planned murder of Siemens other than being called to the scene.
Finally, Chabane’s attorney, Advocate Jan Vorster, said the state and Jacobs have a non-existent case against his client, who is the court orderly.
He said it’s practically impossible and senseless for the state to solely rely on the statement of the self-confessed shooter of Siemens, Xolisile Mbebeto (39), who had described Chabane as a police officer (not by his name) when he implicated Bakili as the mastermind in this murder case.
The state alleged that Chabane and Molebatsi had a helping hand in the murder case of Siemens that took place on 10 May 2018 at Preller Square.
Prosecutor De Nysschen said it makes no sense as to why would Chabane rent a vehicle from Avis motors in his name but claim to know nothing about the event that transpired later in which Siemens was killed.
During the bail hearing of the three accused it was heard that Jacobs was not personally appointed by anyone from the Bayswater police station or even in the FS SAPS to assist in the murder case but only did so because of a personal grudge she has against Bakili.
This even escalated further when it was revealed by Nel that Jacobs had visited Bakili with other officials in Grootvlei prison after Bikili was found with a huge sum of cash allegedly paid by a business associate.
Advocate Izak Nel told the court that a police official, identified only as Hannah, assaulted and threatened Bakili after Bakili had allegedly refused to sign papers that would see the money being confiscated by the police.
Meanwhile, in his final argument De Nysschen told the court that another suspect identified as “Mr Clive” has been arrested in the last 48 hours and is ready to make a final indictment in the case sometime this week.
Magistrate Marlene Marais on Friday adjourned the court for a decision on bail judgment to 29 January 2019. – Lucky Nkuyane