Free and fair elections, says IEC

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The 2021 local government elections will be held on 1 November 2021, to elect councils for all district, metropolitan and local municipalities in each of South Africa’s nine provinces.

Local Government Elections 2021

The upcoming elections – now less than a week away – will mark South Africa’s sixth municipal elections since the dawn of democracy in 1994.

Live updates: Run-up

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Earlier this week, Ramaphosa said the elections are an opportunity for people to make their voices heard about the most pressing issues affecting their daily lives.

Ultimately any election is about trust – President Ramaphosa.

Voters will be choosing from more than 94,000 candidates, including those from political parties and independent candidates.

Bored, contemptuous and gatvol

That’s the description of the average South African voter (excluding the ANC elites, sycophants and grant dependents, of course).

The biggest problem with this is that political parties are either unaware of this dark state of affairs, or are ignoring it.

Maybe President Cyril Ramaphosa, who recently admitted to making mistakes but promising not to make them again, has some inkling.

However, he also knows that in many rural and low-income areas which traditionally support the ANC, people’s apathy is resolved through social welfare grants.

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