WATCH: ‘I Am Young’ project kicks off 2021 with music

'I Am Young' project

The I am Young project in Bloemfontein will this morning perform as part of the “The Gift” initiative.

This initiative, according to choreographer Willie Venter, was created to give local artists and children a chance to perform, and to give them the necessary support during the pandemic.

“We will be performing ‘The Gift’ in a studio set-up with no audience.  It will be recorded in front of a green screen and the footage will be broadcasted on all social media platforms. The Covid-19 protocol is strictly adhered to during the performance,”

Venter explained that the group has been coping well during the pandemic. He has had certain activities to keep them singing. They have recorded some virtual videos with The Texas Girls Choir and this, he believes, gave them a feel of the “new future”.

This week they were also taught skills in a music video performance.

“We are planning for a ‘children only’ Moments Show. This will be a first in SA – where the full production is run by children.

“I believe very strongly in the future of children, and it is important to share our knowledge with them,” said Venter. Those interested can visit the I Am Young Facebook page for more information.

Sazly Hartzenberg