VIDEO: Renewed pleas to not leave animals, children in parked cars unattended

Yorkshire terrier puppy left in a car for almost one hour
Pets and young children are not to be left in cars alone.

This comes after a Yorkshire terrier puppy was left in a car for almost an hour, at a shopping centre in the northern suburbs of Bloemfontein yesterday afternoon. Nadine Stander, one of the public relations managers at Huistoe Animal Welfare – Bloemfontein, who works closely with several animal welfare societies, says people need to report any such incidents to the SPCA.

“Do not leave your dog in the car. I did some research on this. On a day that it is 25 degrees outside, in the car it gets about 38 degrees, and this is not when the car is standing in the sun. In the sun, it can get as hot as 60 degrees. This causes brain damage to pets and young children,” says Stander.

Stander encourages people to rather take their pets to a friend’s house if they need to go anywhere, or somebody who will be able to take care of their pets.

Stander says dogs rely on panting to cool them down and sweating through their paws, which is not enough in a hot car to cool them down. By panting in a hot car, the heat surrounding the dog just makes it worse.

“Within 15 minutes permanent brain damage can set in, and even death. Even when a person gets the pet out of the heat in time, there is still a chance they can die,” says Stander.

Stander urges people to rather leave their pet at home, as even 15 minutes in a car is too long.

She adds that even opening up the windows a little bit, will not help.

To report any incidents, call the SPCA on 051-447-3801. Their emergency number is 078-322-8332.

Josca Human / OFM NEWS