Politics led to Municipality’s instability



Matlosana Municipality admits that they were not politically stable hence they experienced so many problems and they are now put under administration.

According to the municipality’s Mayor Mike Khauoe, councillors had to start being mature. It has been reported that Matlosana has been drowning in debt and unable to meet its legislative objectives. Khauoe said councillors started visiting the community to encourage them to start paying for their municipal debts and be part of the municipality’s activities.

“We must as the municipality ensure that we provide services despite the challenges we have of theft of cables and substations being vandalized. We are up to the challenges and have put systems in place especially for this Christmas that people shouldn’t be in the dark. We will improve and we promise our residents that we will provide necessary services to them,”
said Khauoe.

Matlosana Municipality has been put under administration by the North West provincial Government.

The municipality comprising of Orkney and Klerksdorp has for the past three years failed to meet its constitutional mandate which is provide services to residents, prompting the provincial executive to act. An administrator will take office early next year and a forensic investigation is on the cards.