Mangaung addresses water issues in the Metro

Municipal spokesperson, Qondile Khedamas says the water issues in Pellissier, Fauna, Lourier Park and Phase 2 have been resolved.

The Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, together with Bloem Water have finalised their engagements with regards to water pressure and water supply in the southern parts of Bloemfontein.
This week residents of Pellissier, Fauna, Lourier Park and Phase 2 complained of weak water pressure and in some cases, no water.
Municipal spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, said in a statement areas were affected as a result of heavy rains that the city has recently experienced.
“Engineering services had to reduce pumping rate because of an overflow at Mockes Dam, Maselspoort and Krugersdrift.”
Khedama said the city’s engineering services have since attended to this problem and water supply is currently being restored to all affected areas and water pressure will be back to normal again.
“Citizens of the Mangaung Metro will be kept abreast on any developments regarding the water situation. In the meantime residents are urged to call the Metro’s hotline on 0800-111-300 for any problems they may have with regards to services.”
Khedama has not yet responded to Courant’s questions on claims made by the Democratic Alliance that the municipality owes Bloem Water over R260 million in water debt. – Pulane Choane