Kopanong Municipality has low economy



Kopanong Municipality consisting of Trompsburg and Fauresmith has a very low economic base.

According to Free State Legislature’s Public Accounts Portfolio Committee Chairperson, Neels van Rooyen, the municipality’s budget is very limited. He said Kopanong has the willingness of improving their audit outcome.

Van Rooyen’s statement comes after three local municipalities, Mohokare, Kopanong and Xhariep District appeared in front of the portfolio’s committee meeting in Bloemfontein. He said it was a huge problem that Kopanong was using consultants for their financial statements.

Van Rooyen furthermore said he was impressed by having the same leaders from the previous year’s appearing in front of the portfolio committee. He said it proved stability within the three municipalities. Van Rooyen added that Xhariep was sent back as the Municipal Manager and Mayor weren’t prepared for the meeting and will return next week.