Injured puppy needs your help


Duke, a cross Pit Bull puppy, is in need of urgent medical attention after an incident which has left the Bloemfontein SPCA in shock.

What started out as a normal day for SPCA members, turned into them having to visit a horrific scene when a 15-year-old teenager ran inside their premises to inform them about his neighbour’s dog that was severely injured. According to the organisation, upon arrival at the house, they were shocked to find Duke with his front paw completely degloved.

“The leg and paw were swollen and as red as blood. The injury was severe, and we could see that the puppy was in severe pain, it could hardly walk and when it tried to walk, it kept on falling over. This was too much for us; we immediately started helping the dog,” said the organisation.

It is alleged that the owner had used boiling water to remove the skin from the dog’s leg and paw. According to the SPCA, it is still unknown as to why the owner did it. After investigation, a case of animal cruelty was opened. Duke has since been removed from the house and is in the care of the Bfn SPCA. “We took Duke to the veterinarian and found that he needs surgery in order to amputate the leg and to start curing the infection he has obtained.”

The community is requested by the SPCA to help cover Duke’s medical bill, medication and aftercare, which will amount to R8500. Animal lovers who would like to help, are asked to contact the Bloemfontein SPCA on 051 447 3801.

Pierce van Heerden