FS Union honours educators of the nation on World Teachers’ Day


Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in the Free State says it celebrates World Teacher’s Day (5 October) by honouring the educators of the nation across the Free State Province.

The movement says it notes the important role which educators play in building the nation and communities.

According to Cosatu, historically the profession of teaching has always been an inspiration to the black learners whilst at school as such was used to be amongst the few professions which black people had access to.

Many families would always motivate their children to be educated to become teachers and that has given so many of our current professionals in various fields hope for a better future. This just goes to illustrate how important the profession has always been to the African working class majority.

Cosatu continues to say that to this day the teaching profession continues to be a source of hope for our children as for anyone to survive in the current era one needs to have some form of education and which can only be delivered by an educator.

The union wishes educators well on this special day set aside to recognize their efforts and the profession as a whole. It further encourages educators especially members of SADTU in the Free State to continue to do their work with enthusiasm and not allow to be distracted by a number of challenges which they continue to face.

Such challenges may emerge from the social issues of poverty; substance abuse gangsterism etc. or they may emerge from non-recognition of efforts by the employer and lack of resources.

Despite all this we would like to urge educators to continue to educate our children for a better future, obviously the learning of correct African history remains central to the objective of building class conscious nation going forward!

Statement issued by COSATU Free State