Woman seriously injured after collision, Vereeniging

Photo: Supplied.

A woman, believed to be in her late 30s, was left seriously injured this afternoon after she was hit by a light motor vehicle at the R42 and Ascot-on-Vaal Road intersection in Vereeniging.

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene and found two light motor vehicles in the turning lane of the intersection. The woman was found in the centre medium after she was dragged there by a member of the community.

On assessment of the patient, paramedics found that she had sustained numerous injuries to her legs, leaving her in a serious condition.

Paramedics treated the woman and provided her with advanced life support interventions. Once treated, the woman was transported to Seboeng Hospital for further treatment.

It is believed that the woman had been walking behind one of the vehicles when it was rear-ended by another, pinning her between the two vehicles.

Local authorities were on scene for further investigations.

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