FS police to fight gangs through a gang combating model


GALOOME SHOPANE The provincial department of police plans to adopt a gang combating model that has been successful in Bothaville to fight gangs in Batho and Botshabelo.

Provincial police commissioner, Khehla Sithole says Botshabelo is the number one hotspot in the province for gangs.

Sithole says the model used in Bothaville had been able to crack down gangs in the area from 46 to 14 gangs.

He says almost 90% of the youth is involved in crime and many of them are less than the age of twenty. Police MEC, Butana Komphela says they will adopt the model to be specific for Batho and Botshabelo townships.

“The thrust of the strategy will be the same that we’re using in Bothaville,” says Komphela.

Komphela says “but it can’t be one size fits all, Bothaville is small than Mangaung, and in Mangaung we must apply the very same principle but differently so that it can able to speak to issues that are crime related on young people in Mangaung.”