FS in a financial dire state-FF Plus



The Freedom Front Plus says the Free State Province is in financial crisis and dire state and there is no more revenue.

According to FF Plus’s Wouter Wessels, the provincial Adjustment Appropriation Budget tabled in the Free State Legislature on Thursday is indicative of the dire financial state. He said the tap is now closed explaining that money that was there in the past is no longer there. Wessels added that MEC for Finance Elzabe Rockman conceded that the provincial departments required and requested much more funding than appropriated in order to deliver necessary services.

He emphasised the ANC government has proven not to be capable of creating financial management.

“There is no money and that necessitate the fact that we need some financial management and political will to contain wasteful expenditure which were allowed to accumulate over a number of years for a very high amount and we now need proper financial management to get out of this situation,” he said.

Wessels said a climate conducive for investments and development of private sector employment are needed. He explained that South Africa is experiencing a fiscal deficit, wasteful expenditure and declining revenue that have resulted in the financial crisis currently experienced.