#EnoughIsEnough: Gender based Violence

The girls from St Michael’s School in Bloemfontein yesterday showed their support by wearing black as well holding as a prayer meeting in respect for the victims of gender based violence.

The learners say they feel revolted by the recent spate of violent crimes committed against women. ‘’ It is hurtful to a level that one cannot describe’’, says one of the girls.

A prayer meeting for these victims was held at the school during recess to show their support, and to unite as a group saddened by this matter.

The pupils however mentioned that they do feel comfortable and safe at school as there is security and cameras in and around the school. They are also quite satisfied with the attention being given to the matter at hand.

However, the girl mention that it should not be necessary for the school to take measures to ensure the safety of the learners, but rather the culture of the offenders should be looked into to find sustainable solutions to the country-wide problem permanently.

Creating campaigns where men may also become involved in spreading awareness of the problem as well as supporting women and girls that may have been victims of such crimes were among the solutions provided by the girls.

This follows after gender-based violence has become one of the leading problems in South Africa, especially violent crimes being committed towards women.

Crimes such as sexual assault and murder against women has been a bitter pill to swallow for South Africans. It has sparked a major uproar from various communities around the country.

OFM News/Dinovian Lewis