Details surrounding attempted Bfn cash heist remain unclear

The details surrounding the attempted cash-in-transit heist that occurred on the R702 between Bloemfontein and Dewetsdorp in the early hours of Monday morning remain unclear at this stage.

Free State Hawks spokesperson, Lynda Steyn, says while the road has been opened for traffic, the directorate is unable to provide additional details on the incident due to the insufficient details available at the scene. OFM News journalists were at the scene of the incident and explain that these details include the number of suspects involved and whether they’re at large or not.

Bullet cases were found by authorities across the crime scene which stretches quite a distance on the R702 road. When OFM News got to the scene, another bullet case had just been discovered and the crime scene was again expanded. Steyn says authorities are still trying to determine what may have transpired on Monday morning. We were informed that there were no casualties.

An eyewitness, who no longer wants his name revealed, told OFM News he was in a minibus taxi on his way to work, travelling with other passengers along the R702 at around 06:30 am, when they spotted a luxury vehicle speeding past towards a cash-in-transit van. He described the incident as a scene from a movie adding that someone from the luxury vehicle began shooting at the van and the minibus taxi nearly got caught in the crossfire.

OFM News/Olebogeng Motse