Celebrating Youth Month with a Potjie Fest


Nothing beats a cold winter day like a delicious potjie and as part of celebrating Youth Day this year, you are invited, together with all your friends, to come showcase your culinary skills.

Chef Jene Miles will be taking hands with GigCulture for a Potjie Fest that aims to bring the community together with good food, music and company. According to Lesley Jennings, founder GigCulture, this time around they will be focusing on their patrons although they cannot host major events. “This allows us to focus on our audience’s experience. As always, GigCulture is renowned for amazing music and experiences. Our goal is to level up with every event we produce,” Jennings said.

In celebration of Youth Day Miles and Jennings chose to host a potjie fest as they felt it ties in with “our heritage and culture as South Africans”. Jennings has also encouraged participants to dress up as they have categories for the best dressed team who might just walk away with a special price.

The event will be filled with local talent and local venders. This includes BitesByMany, who will be selling her snacks and infamous biltong. Roofed Beer will also be there with their local favourite craft selection.

“We encourage people to support because events like this are the cornerstone of cultural experiences. Venues, clubs and restaurants have their regular patrons. But having access to something different, especially while special events and social gatherings are limited, is a treat for anyone yearning for a unique and exquisite social experience,” concluded Jennings.

All Covid-19 protocols will be observed. The Potjie Fest event will take place on 16 June 2021 at Van Vuuren Braai Cafe and GigMedia. All participants and attendees are to register and purchase their tickets at GigMedia.

For more information, visit their Facebook page: GigMedia.

Pierce van Heerden