Car and music festival to be hosted

Organisers Charlton Peterson, also known as DJ Zeelow and Romario Terblanche from Mero's Entertainment

The Travelling without Moving Car and Music Festival is said to be one for the books. Organiser Romario Terblanche from Mero’s Entertainment has pulled out all stops to organise an event which aims to generate funds for uplifting and supporting local talent and businesses.

The show is titled Travelling without Moving and originates from a song of DukeSoul & Highza, which, according to Terblanche, is all about what we going through during the current pandemic, and the song says it all. “The event’s name also means that you don’t have to travel anywhere to listen to good music.

‘Om Biza Vannie Park’ ,ell-known socialite and comedian, is known for the motivational effects he has on today’s youth

You can just park your car at our event and we will definitely entertain you at the car show and music festival. Big names such as ‘Om Biza Vannie Park’ and Komes SA will be seen at the event. Om Biza, who is a well-known socialite and comedian, is known for the motivational effects he has on today’s youth,” Terblance said.

According to him, show and shine vehicles from all over South Africa, including well-known DJs, will be at the event. Terblanche told Bloemfontein Courant that the city is capable of hosting big events such as VDub Campfest, Lovemore Stance and Only The Fittest #OTF. Terblanche started the company with the intention of uplifting local DJs and artists of the Heidedal community.

The Travelling without Moving car and music festival will be taking place on 31 October 2020. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact Romario on 074 864 7687.