Bfn student hopeful about future doing art

Second year Fine Arts student, Sethu Menye (20), from Bloemfontein.

A second-year Fine Arts student, Sethu Menye (20) from Bloemfontein, is currently making waves with his art talent, which has been described as phenomenal by many. He was recently interviewed by a Facebook channel host who gives people who are being noticed in the community an opportunity to inspire others with their talents.

Menye explained to Bloemfontein Courant that his love for art first started from the cartoons that he watched as a child. “Once I realised that people actually drew those, it sparked my fascination in the ability to draw like them, which eventually became a fascination in art in general.”

Between studying, he makes drawings for people as well as paintings. On the question of why he chose to study art, he said it was because of the talent he has in creating visual art. He didn’t want that talent to go to waste, so he wants to improve it and see where it leads him.

This young artist’s dream is to not only become a well-known name throughout South Africa, but also around the globe. He said he does not just want to be known for his art but also as a person who will open doors and create platforms for future South African artists – platforms that will help them succeed as well.

Those who are interested to see Menye’s work, can follow him on his social media accounts: Instagram: @c_two_more, where he posts different types of artwork, old and new. They can reach him on WhatsApp: 071-529-0831, Facbeook or email

Sazly Hartzenberg