Artists, athletes to receive relief fund payments in July

Limakatso Mahasa

The payment of the Covid-19 Relief Fund to selected qualifying artists and athletes will be effected during this month. The distribution of funds to selected and qualifying individuals will be done through the Department’s Agency, the Free State Arts and Culture Council (PACC).

Following the lapsing of the term of the previous council, a new council has been appointed. The council will therefore be ready to carry out its mandate, including the disbursement of the relief funds.

The Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Limakatso Mahasa, stated that they made a commitment that they would ensure the principles of equity, fairness, transparency and openness in the management of this relief fund process.

“As we reach the final stage of this process, I am glad that we have upheld those principles. The adjudication committee that looked into the applications received was constituted by qualified and independent persons from different backgrounds.”

She added that the fact that artists and athletes were themselves represented in the committee is a testimony to the commitment that had been made to ensure transparency and openness.

According to a statement by the department, guided by regulatory requirements and national guidelines from the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, the adjudication process was followed by a verification process.

This process was undertaken by and oversight committee of which the purpose was to ensure due diligence and compliance with public laws and regulations.

“We thank our athletes and artists for their patience during this protracted process of processing and finalising their applications. The need to ensure due diligence and equity dictated that the necessary processes be followed in line with relevant regulations and guidelines,” Mahasa concluded.

The department extends its gratitude to the individuals and structures who participated in this process. The Cultural and Creative Industry of South Africa (CCIFSA) as well as the Free State Sport Confederation, inter alia, represented artists and athletes during the entire process.

Sazly Hartzenberg