Affected earthquake miners spent the night in hospital



Eighteen Anglo Gold Ashanti mine workers spent the night at the Great Noligwa and Moab Khotsong mines’ hospital for observation and were discharged this morning.

According to the mine group’s Stewart Bailey, the 18 employees are part of 34 who suffered minor injuries during yesterday’s earthquake which measured 5.5 on the Richter scale. Bailey said by 19:30 last night they’d hoisted every one of the 3 300 employees who were underground during the quake, to the surface.

“Nobody was stuck underground and we inspected the shaft infrastructure immediately after the earthquake to make sure that the lifts could travel safely from underground to surface. As soon as we have done that, we started moving people from underground. It was an orderly process as the safety protocol worked as they should and importantly all of our employees followed procedures and looked out for one another,” he said.