Additional police stations for Mangaung


GALOOME SHOPANE The three planned police stations for Mangaung will assist the metro to combat crime.

The police stations will be located at Bloemspruit, Kagisanong and Kutlwanong.

Mangaung Metro’s Qondile Khedama says the police stations have been strategically placed at these places because the places are aloof and this will help with more police visibility in the areas.

“We appreciate that the MEC and the province have brought in these police stations,” says Khedama.

He says “the more police we have the better for the city. We can’t operate in a city that is crime ridden, because that on its own scares investors away.”

He further added that “for us as a city to get investors we need a crime free environment.”

Khedama says many people come to the city with the hope of getting opportunities and some resort to crime when things don’t work out.

He says the additional police stations will be able to accommodate the number of cases.