Member of parliament kicked out of hospital



DA Shadow Minister of Health, Patricia Kopane, was kicked out of Universitas Hospital as she made an impromptu visit to the hospital. Security guards told her and media that were invited to attend the event to leave the premises even after she had arranged with the head of the hospital to be there.

There seems to have been a communication gap between the heads of the health department and people on the ground.

Kopane was allowed to visit National District Hospital and experienced no mishaps, but problems arose at Universitas hospital just minutes before.

Kopane says it is her right as member of parliament to do spontaneous visits in order to represent the interests of ordinary citizens and to see what obstacles they face.

“Them chasing me away shows that people are covering something. If you are honest, you are a supposed to be a person of principle and you will have nothing to hide. So why are they chasing people away from the hospital?” Kopane wanted to know.

In the meantime the sewage pipe burst that left many departments at the hospital out of order for weeks and causing the shut-down of the surgical theatre, was fixed.

Health department spokesperson, Mondli Mvambi, says the pipe only burst on the 20th and was fixed the next day. However, this contradicts medical staff at the hospital who say the pipe burst many weeks before it was finally fixed.

“The pipe burst on the 20th of August – it was on a Tuesday – that is a fact. By Thursday everything was back to normal at the hospital,” Mvambi explained.