45 000 copies designed with love

Mahareng Publishing Production Manager, Joanita Lloyd. PHOTO: GYPSEENIA LION

It takes a strong team to get 45 000 copies of the biggest free community newspaper in the Free State delivered to your doorstep every Thursday. Today’s 56-pager is no different.

From heart-warming stories about locals to eyecatching adverts and invigorating sports stories – everything you read and see in this paper goes through a process of production that is overseen by the production manager, Joanita Lloyd.

Lloyd, who has extensive experience in the world of design and publishing, said the 15-year-old Bloemfontein Courant has been consistent with keeping up with what is popular while maintaining the authenticity of the community in the final product.

“It is about how your reader experiences the page. It is about how you use the fonts, or how the headline is structured, and how the story stands out on the page. It is important to stay on trend about what people read and how they read it,” she said.

Her journey at Mahareng Publishing started in 2012, as a graphic designer. Today, she is the production manager for the flagships Bloemfontein Courant and Get It Bloemfontein, among other publications such as The Woodpecker and custom design projects.

She proudly makes mention of the three designers on her team who have been awarded and recognised for their advert and layout designs. “Our clients get the best,” said Lloyd. “There’s a lot of work that gets done before the newspaper goes to print. There’s often a lot of sweat and tears because we want a quality product to go out as presentation matters,” she added.

Lloyd believes that brand love and a full understanding of the product is what makes it a quality newspaper, and “no, print is not dead,” expressed Lloyd who wishes to see the publication grow in the coming years.

“Weekly newspapers, community newspapers – it’s the kind of news you can use every day. People want that. They want to read it. From the inserts to the stories people want to read first-hand, my wish for Bloemfontein Courant is for it to grow,” concluded Lloyd.


Gypseenia Lion