Today in History: 8th December


Historical Events:

• 1874: Jesse James gang takes train at Muncie Kansas.
• 1941: Sam Francisco 1st blackout, at 6:15 PM.
• 1951: The conference of the ANC rejects the Bantu Authorities Act, which, it is stated, was intended to prevent the development of the African people by turning them back to tribalism.
• 1988: The Black Students’ Movement (BSM) at Rhodes University and the Black Students Society (BSS) at the University of the Witwatersrand are effectively banned by the minister of law and order, Mr Adriaan Vlok
• 2010: With the second launch of the SpaceX Dragon, SpaceX becomes the first privately held company to successfully launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft.

Arts, Music, TV:

• 1952: 1st TV acknowledgement of pregnancy (I Love Lucy).
• 1963: "Girl Who Came to Supper" opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 112 perfs
• 1984: Ringo Starr appears on Saturday Night Live.
• 1993: 4th Billboard Music Awards: Whitney Houston, The Bodyguard Soundtrack win
• 1997: 8th Billboard Music Awards: LeAnn Rimes & Spice Girls win.


• 1906: The test between the SA rugby team and England in London ends in a tie with 3 each.
• 1922: George Fullerton, SA cricketer and keeper-batsman (1947-51), is born.
• 1951: The SA rugby team beats Ireland 17-5 in Dublin.
• 1956: 16th Olympic games close at Melbourne, Australia.
• 1961: South Africa cricket players Eddie Barlow and Peter Pollock make their debut in a match vs New Zealand, in Durban.

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Compiled by: Thandi Xaba