Springbok residents marched to local municipality offices



Springbok residents marched to the NamaKhoi local municipality offices in the Northern Cape this morning.

According to the newly elected speaker Lorenzo Faber, they are expecting more than a thousand people who will be marching against poor service delivery and tax payers’ money that is misused at court cases. He says more than R1.3 million is spend by the DA and COPE coalition for taking the ANC to court.

Faber says according to section 49 of the council, when the majority request a meeting to the speaker he must grant them a meet but the previous speaker always refused.

“We informed him that on the 30 of August and sent letters through the sheriff of the courts that we will continue with the council meeting, with or without him. Because we were in line with what the legislature prescribes. The speaker was not there, the municipal manager was not there and we proceeded,” he says.

Faber says last week the DA and COPE went to court and ask for an urgent application to declare his appointment as the new speaker null and void. He says the matter will be heard on 30 September.

“They also went to the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein to ask the court to overturn the judgment that honorable judge Mahosope made. Both of the verdicts that she gave were sort of in favor of the ANC. What they initially asked the court is that we should be suspended as councilors for not attending three consecutive council meetings and that the minority in the municipality to decide over the majority,” he says.

Faber says the ANC has never missed any council meeting. He says they also went to court to apply for a rule 39 and if the judge approves on Friday they will be able to make council decisions and he will remain the speaker. He says the council has 9 ANC councilors and 8 DA and COPE coalition councilors.