R699 customers plan visit to the banks


Duane Petrus – South Africans who have been affected by the infamous R699 car deal are planning to visit banks all around the country to request the original motor financing application forms.

The reason for this, they say, is because they believe information provided in these forms about their incomes end expenses have been falsified, in order to make them more eligible to be granted financing by the banks.

On August 30, Bloemfontein members will visit the Nedbank offices in Henry street.

Lana Nel says this should not be viewed as a protest or march, but rather as just a friendly visit to the bank manager.

"We have evidence that these documents have been tampered with. The documents that the banks have sent us do not show the original information that we provided, for example, incomes have been made higher and expenses are fare less. This was just done to improve our chances of being financed by the banks," Nel says.

Satinsky, the company in the middle of this scandal, applied for financing on behalf of the clients.

The mass action was planned by the Facebook group: I have been done in by ‘Drive a new car for R699 per month’.

The company paid customers for the amount of kilometres they drove per month with advertising stickers of this deal placed on their cars.

The clients say the company stopped reimbursing them for the amount of kilometres they drove with their cars about two months ago. Many have since removed the stickers from their cars.