NSPCA asks for help to “Get There”


 SABRINA DEAN – With the corporate community spending only about one percent of its social investment budget on animal related welfare initiatives, organisations like the NSPCA have no choice other than to ask for public assistance.
This is according to NSPCA spokesperson Christine Kuch. She says this one of the reasons the NSPCA recently launched the new "Get Us There" campaign, appealing to the public for for help to meet  fuel costs.
Kuch says the organisation covers about 70 percent of South Africa, with inspectors travelling on average around 5000km per month.
"We respond to emergencies, we respond in disasters and getting there is the issue. We’ve got these days of modern, electronic communications and we can fix a lot of things that way but what we can’t fix is an animal in need of help – you’ve got to get there," she says.
Kuch says it is quite challenging for them to change perceptions around the importance of fule costs, with people more readily buying into the concept of sponsoring, for example, essentials such as dog food. "It is a difficult perception to appreciate how fuel is an essential element, but it really really is," she says.
"Issues come in, cruelty complaints, reports of neglect, animals starving, a truck carrying chickens or cattle that has overturned, and we go there – we are saying to people just help us to get there," she says.
Kuch says for every R50 donated to the NSPCA, inspectors can travel about 60km. Visit www.nspca.org.za to find out more about the “Get us There” campaign and how you can help.
Donations can also be paid directly into the organisation’s account with the reference FUEL. Direct payments can be made into the following account with the reference FUEL
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 201 032 015
BRANCH CODE – 006 405