NC Treasury boost employees’ morale



The Department of the Northern Cape Provincial Treasury finds it crucial to boost the morale of their employees in order to enhance service delivery.

According to department’s spokesperson Mojalefa Mphapang, they are encouraging employees to start discussing issues that affect them negatively. The department is commemorating youth month and Men’s Health Week today at the Horseshoe in Kimberley. Mphapang explained that various health, financial and stress management experts are addressing 200 employees on how to approach various challenges.

“If our employees are not happy or they are stressed, then it will eventually affect the service delivery which is opposite to the department’s mandate. In the morning we started with the Government Employees Medical Services (GEMS) health practitioners who conducted health screening to all employees, to check their cholesterol and diabetes amongst other illnesses. If there were complications then that employee was referred to a doctor and if there wasn’t, the health practitioners encouraged employees to do health screening test on an annual basis,” he said.

Mphapang encouraged employees to take care of themselves in order to prevent stress that can easily lower their morale.