NC has one the highest rates of non-natural deaths



The Northern Cape was reported as one of the provinces that recorded the highest proportion of non-natural deaths in the country at 10, 9% after the Western Cape at 11.9%. This is according to a report on mortality and causes of death in the country released by Statistics South Africa last week. Meanwhile, the overall number of deaths in the country continues to decline with the report showing that just over 480 000 deaths were registered in South Africa in 2012.

This is less than the 512 000 recorded in 2011, and a sharp decline from the 613 000 recorded in 2006, when the highest number of deaths was recorded. It was included in the report that more deaths are now related to non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The number of deaths related to HIV has also shown a steady decline since 2006.

Statistics South Africa: