Metsimaholo municipality is clueless-Samwu



This is according to the South African Municipal Workers Union’s Free State secretary Dumisani Magagula. Magagula was speaking at a press conference that took place in Sasolburg last week. He explained that the municipality claimed that 140 employees, including twenty shop stewards, have been dismissed.

Magagula clarified that 140 dismissal letters have not been issued and Samwu does not have twenty shop stewards in the whole of Metsimaholo Municipality, inclusive of Sasolburg, Deneysville and Orangeville.

“Some of the employees who received dismissal letters are not striking but are at work as we are speaking. The municipality claims it has have dismissed them. Some of the people who have received dismissal letters are on pension. We have requested the employer to inform us of the actual number of employees it claims it has dismissed,” said Magagula.

Meanwhile, ANC’s provincial secretary William Bulwane explained that they knew that the implementation plan was discussed by the party, Samwu and Cosatu were not implemented as it was agreed that there were issues that were in the hands of the labour court.
The ANC met last month with different stakeholders, including municipal officials. It was decided that all dismissed municipal employees would be reinstated.

“What the municipality members told us is that they were pursuing this process, which is law bidding. They will look into other matters once the law has taken its course. We have decided to hold back until the process of the law is dealt with by all the stakeholders,” said Bulwane.