Macufe continues to grow annually

Organisers say attendance at Macufe this year was much higher than previous years. PHOTO: LIHLUMELO TOYANA

C-squared Chief Executive Officer, Ben Moseme, said attendance at Macufe this year was much higher than previous years.
With the DStv Delicious Festival held in Johannesburg on the same day as the main festival, they were worried about attendance but fortunately Macufe was not affected.
“Last year it coincided with the National General Council event in Johannesburg. From a consumer perspective, the higher LSM partygoers were stuck in Johannesburg. As a result the vibe at local entertainment venues such as Second Avenue, Mahungra, Sechaba, and The Thoughts was still there but not at the usual capacity,” he said.
Moseme added they also realise that every year Macufe gains new consumers, with new attendees coming from across the country to experience the festival. But with growth comes new challenges. Moseme admitted that there are a few areas which need improvement with regard to the festival, especially the venues and the number of people that can be accommodated. He said as the festival gets bigger, they often get complaints about the availability of parking space.
A possible solution could be the fast-tracked relocation of the zoo. Moseme said: “We can only sell 20 000 tickets for the main festival and only 3000 tickets for VIPs. So if plans to relocate the zoo can be fast-tracked, it will give us space to create a much bigger corporate village. If you try to move Macufe to another venue outside the city, you’ll be killing the economic hub of the city. The point is to make sure that people spend money.” He added their aim is to ensure that surrounding shops also benefit from the festival.
Moseme said the Macufe brand continues to grow annually and with it celebrating 20 years next year, they need to stay creative to keep consumers interested. He said they have introduced new features to the festival, most recently the Rock Fees, and they will work on integrating these new programmes into the festival. Constant rebranding will help ensure that they keep old and new consumers happy, while providing the city with economic opportunities.
According to Moseme, Macufe is at a point where it is competing against itself and that means his team needs to look at repositioning their brand to ensure that it does not fail. A detailed report regarding the logistics of the festival is expected to be released within 30 days. He said the brand has stood the test of time and they feel comfortable that they are capable enough to ensure that the festival remains sustainable for another decade. – Seithati Semenokane