Legal action to be taken against EFF land invaders



Metsimaholo Municipality in Sasolburg warns that legal action will be taken very soon against EFF members who have invaded unoccupied municipal land in Zamdela on Friday.

Municipal spokesperson Gino Alberts condemned the illegal activity. He said they are aware that people who are illegally occupying the area are not from Metsimaholo Municipality. Alberts added that the area is not ready for residential purposes.

“There are no services at that area, like your sewerage, water and electricity. We are in the process of insuring that the area becomes a formal residential area. Whoever is occupying that land illegally will be removed by the municipality because next time they will be complaining to the municipality and demanding basic services where else they would know that the municipality haven’t officially given them that area,” he said.

Alberts explained that the moment the municipality has completed the process of installing basic services around that area, residential sites will be allocated with preference to Sasolburg residents.