Give a toiletry bag to help make a difference

Roberto and Caroline Groats from Love Hair SA

Love Hair SA joined hands with the Logan K Foundation and aims to collect 100 toiletry bags with essentials to donate to teenagers in need. Roberto and Caroline Groats have jumped on board with the initiative that aims to build and restore self-care and worth and their goal is inspire youth from all walks of life to stand together.

“The Heidedal Day of Reconciliation is meant to help youth from all walks of life and to inspire the youth to stand together as South Africans on such an important date,” said Roberto.

The 100 toiletry bags will consist of toothbrushes, Vaseline, face cloths, face soap, sanitary pads and more. Caroline has asked that community members who can help with this initiative to jump on board, everyone is welcome. The handover will take place at the Heidedal Public Swimming-pool on 16 December 2020.

Drop offs can be made at the Love Your Hair SA in 10 Dan Pienaar Drive, Westdene, Bloemfontein. Call Caroline or Roberto on 076 636 4364 for more information.

Pierce van Heerden