Gallery: #GigCulture cleans up CBD

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

Founder of #GigCulture, Lesley Jennings together with locals came together this morning to clean up the Central Business District in Bloemfontein. Jennings who is also the brains behind the popular hangout “Jazz on the Lawn” told Bloemfontein Courant that it is disappointing to see how polluted the CBD is and how #GigCulture wants to reimagine the space that people occupy and just make it a beautiful city for all to live in.

“The reason we are cleaning up the city today is because twice a month we host a rooftop event called downtown sundown and from the rooftop of this building you can see how filthy our city is.
But I also see how beautiful our city is and it really is the engine of Bloemfontein. It is where the markets are happening, ” said Jennings.

The clean-up is hosted by #GigCulture, which is a 360 eventing company. According to Jennings about 100 people were expected to join and get their hands dirty for a cleaner city. “The people who expected here today are the people that occupy the space and that attend our events, ” said Jennings.

To find out more about #GigCulture visit their Facebook page at GigCulture or on Instagram @gigculturesa

Pierce van Heerden