FS under section 100



The financial system is designed for the Free State not failing except when it makes wrong decisions.

Financial and Fiscal Commission Chairperson Bongani Khumalo says financial challenges in provinces are caused by bad decisions. Khumalo was speaking at the legislature meeting on Tuesday. He says he is hopeful that national members’ intervention in most of the departments will help the financial woes that the province is facing.

Khumalo says the province is one of the provinces that section 100 is imposed in most of the departments. “Section 100 is a section in the constitution that empowers national executive members to intervene when there are situations where there is persevered failure in the systems. What we are saying as the commission is that, it is important that oversight mechanisms are diligently and consistently monitoring and assessing the performances of the executive,” he says.

Khumalo says interventions from the national executives are meant to address challenges earlier and identify potential failures. He says good municipality performance stabilises the service delivery.