FS Health satisfied with Buthelezi Ambulance services



The Free State Department of Health clarified that they don’t have a contract with Buthelezi Ambulance employees but with Buthelezi to provide ambulance services.

The department’s spokesperson Mondli Mvambi was responding to allegations made by Cosatu that Buthelezi isn’t paying its employees, the department made the Buthelezi contract a priority when they pay their service providers and called for the termination of its contract. Mvambi said they are happy with Buthelezi’s service as it is one of the reasons the province has reduction of infant mortality and death of pregnant women.

“It is not true that Buthelezi is being prioritized over and above any other service provider. We pay service providers through our supply chain management processes. Everybody else is prioritised accordingly. We also wouldn’t run our financial services as the department alone, we run them with the provincial treasury,” he said.

Mvambi explained that Buthelezi Ambulance’s contract cannot be terminated at the moment unless the breach the conditions.