FS artist ‘presses’ towards 20 years

Renowned Afro-Soul/R&B singer, songwriter and producer, Vusani Preston Sihlangu, aka Presss. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

Renowned Afro-Soul/R&B singer, songwriter and producer Vusani Preston Sihlangu, who goes by the stage name ‘Presss’, is set to celebrate his 20th music anniversary with a special show in Bloemfontein on 3 October.

The show will be a celebration of the 20 years Sihlangu has been in the music industry and 3 October is also his date of birth.

The stage name ‘Presss’ comes from his middle name, Preston. Sihlangu explained that his love of music has pushed him to prevail in the past 20 years. “My music is a way of telling my story. Every song I have written is about something that has happened to me,” he said, adding that he fell in love with music while watching the love his parents had for music. He told Bloemfontein Courant they would listen to music almost every Sunday and he strongly believes his parents transferred that love to him.

Sihlangu boasts four studio albums and a number of singles. In the two decades he has been in the music industry, he has graced the stages of Germany, Lithuania and Belgium with his talent. His production skills, together with that of Black Coffee, brought to life the hit single “Crazy”, featuring female vocalist, Thiwe Mbola.

The musician described how he admires the fire and the drive young artists have. That is what will make them prevail to be the best in the future. “My advice is young people must know what they are getting themselves into; whether it is sports, acting, fashion, accounting, logistics, anything. They must do proper research to figure out if the career route they want to take is really what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I really believe they have the capability to change the world.”

The one wish Sihlangu has, is to spend more time with his children. He feels his job has taken that away, but he also believes he will be a songwriter and producer forever, he will forever be performing music even though his recent album, XO, is to be the last album of his career.

I feel that music is the only way I can express myself without stuttering, without being judged. Music is the way I am able to say what I want to say and to say how I feel.”

Corn Koteli