Free State warned of flash floods following heavy rains


The South African Weather Services is warning residents in the Free State of possible flooding and other extreme weather conditions.

This comes as severe thunderstorms and heavy downpours are expected in the province over the next two days. Motorists are advised to drive cautiously as flash floods, large amounts of small hail and strong winds may occur. OFM News’ Pulane Choane reports that heavy rainfall can also be expected in parts of the North West as well as in the Northern Cape.

Meanwhile, there is a 60% chance of thundershowers in the western parts of the North West, as well as in the far eastern parts of the Northern Cape. In the eastern parts of the Northern Cape, the chance of rainfall is 30%. The Weather Service expects that heavy rains will persist across Central South Africa today only and predict that on Wednesday there will be low rainfall figures. There will be no thunderstorms on Wednesday.

Pulane Choane / OFM News