Five arrested for attempted murder and business robbery

The VW car that the five suspects used as a get-away car/Photo supplied

Police have arrested five suspects for murder and business robbery on Tuesday in Thembakubeka location in Deneysville.

It is alleged that the five men were trying to force entry at a local tuck shop. Police spokesperson, Livhuhani Hani, said the 32-year-old complainant was sleeping inside the tuck shop when he was woken by a loud bang at the door.

“He called the police whilst escaping through the back door but unfortunately he was spotted by the suspects who gave chase. One of the suspects allegedly fired shots towards the complainant and he was shot in the leg. Detective Constable Lucas Khaudi was on standby when he received a call from the community service center. He immediately collected Warrant Officer Sabata Pitso with his own private vehicle. On their way to the station, the swift thinking detectives spotted a suspicious red VW vehicle with five occupants and attempted to stop it,” she explained.


Some of the goods that were stolen from the grocery/Photo Supplied
Some of the goods that were stolen from the grocery/Photo Supplied

Hani mentioned that the driver of the suspected car sped off and the detectives gave chase with their private vehicle and summoned nearby police stations for backup. Deneysville and Zamdela police formed a roadblock on the R549 and the vehicle was spotted and stopped.

“During the search, items suspected to have been stolen from the tuck shop as well as a firearm and ammunition were recovered. All five suspects aged between 25 and 40 are expected to appear at the Sasolburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.”


Statement issued by the SAPS Zamdela Communication, Marketing and Liaison Services