Empowering the everyday woman

Left to right: Net.Jouself. ambassadors Cara Nortier and Lana van Deventer, Monique Booth and the 2022 winner Monique Jardim. PHOTO: Supplied

“My dream has always been to have a voice and to use it to make an impact on people’s lives, to be able to make a difference. I struggled with self-acceptance and this led me to keep my dream under my pillow for many years. I made a point to start accepting myself, putting myself first, finding myself, and developing the best version of myself. In this process, I realised I have the potential to empower other women. To encourage them. To lead them. And to take them on this journey with me,” says the director of Net.Jouself., Monique Booth, on her journey with the women empowerment project.

The Net.Jouself. project was founded in 2022 with the aim to help women like herself achieve their goals against all odds. According to Booth, the programme’s main objective is to empower women by teaching them essential skills to cope in emergencies as well as everyday tasks. The programme also takes the women on a journey to reconnect with themselves while they grow to be independent. This can be achieved with an 8-month course.

Monique Booth. PHOTO: Supplied

“Ladies will attend workshops dealing with self-acceptance, empowerment, make-up, identity styling, financial management, entrepreneurial skills, health and wellness, level one first aid skills, self-defense, motor emergency skills, DIY skills, discovering passion and goals, building confidence, finding the true ‘you’ and much more,” said Booth.

The project is documented and produced into a reality show which is then showcased on the YouTube channel Net.Jouself.

“Before Net.Jouself. was founded, I had a feeling that something was missing within me. I felt like I needed to do something, especially for women. For a specific woman. That woman that cries herself to sleep at night. The woman that keeps a record of her mistakes. The one who compares herself to the unrealistic beauty standards of our society. That woman who feels she is not enough, the one who gives to others and forgets about herself. The woman who tries so hard that she completely loses herself in the process. The one who sees the beauty in others, but chooses to focus on her weaknesses.

“The woman who is slowly losing hope and feels like she doesn’t have the energy to take on another day,” explained Booth. For the inaugural pageant and launch, Booth celebrated the women who took part in the programme with a gala event earlier this month, crowning the first winner of Net. Jouself. as well as two ambassador titles.

Booth described the official launch as: Godly, empowering and inspirational.

Entries for Net.Jouself. 2023 are officially open, contact Monique at 072 694 3078 or send an email to info@netjouself.co.za

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