Bread of life to the community

Emmanuel Mothae. PHOTO: Supplied

Inspired by the need in the community, a local business came about to address the need for quality bakery products at the lowest prices and provide an employment opportunity for both skilled and unskilled job seekers within the local community. Bots Bakers’ Emmanuel Mothae, a social entrepreneur from Botshabelo, started baking bread when the idea of opening a bakery was formed in 2022.

Mothae found an opportunity to share his love for baking that he inherited from his late mother while making a change within his community. “I was inspired by the need in the community. In 2020, when Covid-19 was rife and many were losing their jobs, I realised that low-income earners were unable to afford bread. Additionally, bread products are essential and in high demand. At the same time, Bots Bakers seeks to inspire youth to start businesses for the revitalisation of the local economy,” he said.

As a vehicle to drive this vision, Bots Bakers came up with an initiative to assist aspiring youth to become more employable. “The Thusa Motjha initiative is a skills development programme that was never part of the [initial] plan when Bots Bakers was formed. When we were looking for an experienced baker, we received a huge number of CVs. They were from the youth that had just finished matric, therefore they had no experience or even credible references. We then sat down and thought of this initiative.”

Bots Bakers staff. PHOTO: Supplied

They recruited four young people that were born between 1998 and 2003, who had no experience, and employed them for three months while they received a stipend. “At the end of that time with us, they have experience and credible references. We exchange them every three months.”

Mothae is well aware of the competitive market and has since day one prioritised his marketing strategy to stand out from the bigger brands he competes with – an area he advises every entrepreneur to focus on.

“We pride ourselves in a bread that relates to our customers, it is very important to have a brand that is loved, understood, and accepted by your customers. I would therefore encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to build brands that relate to their customers more than themselves. With that said, I would like to also mention that even though we have been successful in securing a strong customer base, our brand is not yet complete.”

Although the complex process of baking bread fascinates Mothae, building the community remains at the forefront for this local business.

“We are the bread of life to the community. Our products are here to bring life to the hungry communities, life (inspiration) to the dying dream of the youth. ”

You can get a fresh loaf of bread from Fairways (Rea Hola Complex Building) or call 081-307-3026 to get in touch

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