Bfn women unite to support each other


As the month of August kicks off this weekend, women from across the world are standing together and vowing to celebrate, support and uplift one another even more during this month. Black-and-white glamour photos of women have been flooding social media this past week with the hashtag: #ChallengeAccepted.

The Hashtag, which now has over 4,5 million posts, is a display of empowerment and women supporting women.

The Bloemfontein beauties have not stood back but have also taken hands and shared messages of support and upliftment with one another.
Bloemfontein Courant spoke to a few of these strong women to understand what solidarity and unity means to them.

Yolandé Koupis shared her message with women in the city, which reads: Be a real W O M A N – Support; Encourage; Compliment and Cheer on fellow females, both in business and your personal life. And do it all with an inspiring amount of LOVE and GRACE.

Laverne Romain told the publication she believes Girl Power is the Power that Girls have to Empower other Girls.

Anri Powell said she believes: Women have so much power. Positive and negative. If they stand together they can conquer and build. Even with soft words and elegance. But if they stand against each other, they can tear down and damage.

“If we can respect each other and stand shoulder to shoulder, we can live our purpose in full. Even if we don’t necessarily agree and are maybe not even friends. If you live in your purpose, who am I not to respect that. We are beautifully and fearfully made. We are Women.”

Naomi Matthys said for her Women Empowerment and Solidarity mean that we as women speak to each other’s worth and become a voice for those females who cannot speak for themselves.

Sazly Hartzenberg