Bainsvlei murderers get three life imprisonment sentences

Swanepoel Murder Case/Photo Andre Grobler

The three murderers of the Swanepoel couple of Bainsvlei killed in January this year were sentenced to three life imprisonment sentences each.

Judge Mojalefa Rampai sentenced each of the men to life for the murders of Toon Swanepoel, (72), and his wife Rienie, (70). They each also got life on another charge of rape.

The Swanepoels were overpowered, robbed, tied and shot on Sunday, 11 January this year, at their farmhouse on Kwaggaleegte. Judge Rampai during the sentencing said the three young men took their time to execute their victims.

He told the men the victims were lying waiting to be killed, while being tortured, wounded and humiliated in the worst possible way for 9 long hours. Rampai said their victims must have suffered excruciating pain.

It was no doubt the worst moment of their lives. The three were also sentenced respectively to 18 years imprisonment for housebreaking with the intent to steal and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Several family members of the victims and friend from Bainsvlei attended the sentencing.

André Grobler