Angus: Tell the devil to back off!

Evangelist Angus Buchan delivering his long awaited sermon at the It's Time prayer gathering at Wilde Als farm outside Bloemfontein. PHOTO: MOEKETSI MOGOTSI

“It’s time we say to the devil: Back off! If our nation gets together as one, God will answer our prayers. We must just believe. We must believe in miracles, we must believe in His ability, and we must start to trust.”

These were the words of well-known local evangelist, Angus Buchan, who delivered his long awaited sermon to an enthusiastic crowd of around 1 million people at the Wilde Als farm outside Bloemfontein this afternoon.
Buchan said that this national day of prayer is a historic day for the nation. He said it is time we acted like children of God and pray regularly, and not only when we need God.
“People hardly have the time to pray, how could we expect change to take place? If we could pray to God for rain, just imagine what He could do with our prayers to heal the sick, to help the country, to turn hearts back to Him who is risen,” said Buchan.

Buchan said that the gathering is not a political meeting, but one of faith. “Jesus is eagerly awaiting to hear from us. When people are desperate, they always pray to God for help,” said Buchan.
He added that he was not speaking to a church, but to the nation. “I’m not speaking to a church, I’m not speaking to a congregation, I’m speaking to a nation. And I want to ask you a question. Can a nation be born in a day?” To which the large crown answered enthusiastically in the affirmative.
Buchan confirmed that he had valid information to confirm that one million people had attended the national day of prayer. “This is going to blow you away, there are as many people here today, as the Israelites that were delivered from slavery in Egypt: one million!” he boasted.
– Seithati Semenokane and Jeretha Oosthuizen