Writers share lessons and experiences at retreat

Charmaine Kolwane-

Writers from all corners in the Free State came together this morning to gain valuable insights into the publishing and literary industry as well as share their frustrations, experiences and lessons.

Writers spoke on these issues at the Free State Writer’s Retreat, organized by author, Charmaine Kolwane-Mrwebi at the Sesotho Literature Museum in the Bloemfontein city centre.

Guests featured at the event included Margret Libido, Harry Nkadimeng and Leemisa Molapisi as well as Kolwane-Mrwebi. They gave their insights and advice on issues ranging from writing, book distribution as well as publishing.

The audiences were rather diverse, consisting of scholars, students and professionals who have an interest in writing as a profession. The audience took a moment of silence to honour and remember the late Moalosi “Flaxman” Qoopane, who had influenced and shaped the writing and publishing careers of many in the audience.

“Growing up, I had always seen authors on the television set and I did not know one single author until I relocated to Bloemfontein and met Ntate Flaxman. He motivated me to write, and he became my first literary role model.

“He always wanted to contribute, and today as we stand here in remembrance of this man, let us all have that same spirit. Let us make sure that wherever we go, lives are touched, be it with our songs, poems or books. Let us all become like him and be the best people we can be,” Kolwane said. – Pulane Choane