UPDATE: Doctors failed me

What Zenzile Majola looked like this time last year.

The man who cried “Doctors failed me” more than a year ago, recently received an operation that will correct the wrong he blamed doctors for doing to him.
Last week, Voice paid a visit to Zenzile Majola, who has been admitted to the Universitas Academic Hospital (UAH) and was recovering from an operation that was performed on him to correct the alleged wrong done to him.

Zenzile Majola Photos: Pulane Choane

Majola said that he was confident that the hospital took action following an article Voice wrote on the matter on 26 April last year and he also said that it took a confrontation with the Free State Department of Health’s Dr David Motau for him to receive the corrective operation he was now recovering from.
Majola first spoke to Voice last year, revealing a growing hump he had on his abdomen which, he said, had been caused by the medical negligence of doctors who had operated on him following a stab wound he had sustained after being mugged on 14 February 2016.
Meanwhile, Free State Department of Health’s spokesperson, Mondli Mvambi, said that the complications that Majola underwent were owing to an incisional hernia that he developed after receiving a laparotomy (operation) a few years ago. “There are several reasons why a patient may develop an incisional hernia, which can be related to a patient’s poor healing, e.g. smoking; the type of surgery: clean vs contaminated; surgeon and surgical material quality,” Mvambi said.
Following the most recent operation on Majola, Mvambi explained that the 64-year-old had a large hernia, with a “loss of intra-abdominal domain”, which, according to www.researchgate.com is where 50% of the abdominal viscera reside outside the abdominal cavity. “We opted to increase the domain with conservative management (corset) to decrease post-surgery complications and his stay in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We then repaired the hernia,” Mvambi said, adding that Majola would now need to use a drain that would decrease fluid collection in the affected area and that the hospital would replace the drain if it came out early.
“The operation has only closed the defect. Scar tissue needs to heal the hernia, this forms in the 6 months after the surgery. This is also the reason the patient needs to wear a corset for 6 months after the hernia repair to protect the closure while the scar tissue forms,” Mvambi explained.

What he now looks like following the operation on his abdomen to remove the growing hump.

Majola said he is thankful that he, in the end, received help from the hospital and that they acknowledged their fault and sought to get his abdomen restored to its initial condition. He is still angry that it took so long for him to get the help he deserved.
Majola, who is a pensioner, is now recovering at home and says he is now looking forward to being able to at least drive his young daughters to school in the mornings and becoming less of a burden to his wife, who, he said, had to take care of him throughout his ordeal over the two years. He further stated that he is in talks with his lawyers to see if he cannot sue the department for emotional damages.